Primitive Supplies

Handmade Products For The True Adventurer

We sell various products, all which are completely hand-made. Crafting these products are topics that are covered in the survival courses that we offer.


  1. We typically craft and sells 3 different types of Slingshots: The “Thud”, The “Thumper”, and The “Thunder”.
    • The “Thumper” and The “Thunder” are typically considered to be novice slingshots and are best suited for beginners, which is where most students will qualify.
    • The “Thud” is the largest and is for the more advanced shooter and is priced at $140.
    • The “Thumper” is priced at $75, and The “Thunder” is priced at $65. These products are very popular, make great gifts and are utilized in a few of the classes that Madison offers. See course listings for information on classes that incorporate Slingshots and other primitive weapons.
  2. Supplies-1Plant Fiber Technology Materials:
    • These products are custom made to a customer’s liking. We have a few of each that are available for sale, but we enjoy the crafting process of making new orders. These products can be best described as the intersection of arts and crafts and take great skill, time, and patience to produce.
    • Our products are primitive in that we use absolutely no materials that were purchased, but we harvest all of the materials from the field, much like the South Western Indians did.
    • The baskets and other products like hats, sandals, etc can be used for a myriad of things and are great for carrying cargo. For pricing information, Please contact us. Most of the time, prices are negotiable due to the customization and time that we put in each product. See course listings for information on classes that incorporate tool building.

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A Note From Madison

The slingshots that I have developed over the last 45 years, have come down too three basic models. “Thud” “Thumper” “Thunder” All of these models are individually handmade. No two are alike, even the same model. Each comes out a little different as I shape each with a wood file and each has it’s own specific shape while still being the same model. I can make them thicker or thinner, remove or leave wood as the customer likes. Now the “Thud” is for the big tubes, the “Thumper” and “Thunder are better suited to the lighter weight draw. All are good for hunting, survival, or plinking. Call me for specific needs….

The bows that I make are all staves that I harvest myself, I prefer to use Osage orange, but I also like Hornbeam, and Hickory. I can build bows to order as well, or I can teach the skill of building your own.

The spears are wood shafted straightened by fire, and attached with a hand forged steel (16inches) point. These are also made to order, or I can also teach the student how to make their own.