Wilderness Survival Training Courses

Why Wilderness Training Workshops?

Learning survival skills is never for the assumption that one will have to know them in order to survive, but rather the skills provide a great lifestyle and are exciting to know. Primitive Supply aims to arm students with the techniques and the survival methods to hold their own in the wilderness without access to additional resources. The courses offered give civilians the chance to try their hand at real training similar to that of the training Navy SEALS receive and employ in the field. Based in Marianna, Florida, Madison Parker is an expert in several fields and offers survival training courses for each of these disciplines.

Madison states that the primary criteria is again, not that they will need it, but because it quickly becomes a passion for those who are interested in it as well as providing an individual with a growing experience. Primitive skills are not for everyone, but likely are for individuals who enjoy the outdoors, whether that be camping, hunting, and/or long-distance hiking.

Fire Skills Course

Fire_01This course is at the top of the list for anyone interested in primitive living or primitive technology. Friction fires and spark fires are comprised of many different techniques. Madison is an all–around expert and teaches bow and drill, bamboo fire-saw, hand drill, and fire-plow. In this course, the time period spent is dependent on student’s preference, however we recommend that an individual should be proficient in at least one method before moving on to other courses. To obtain complete knowledge in the Fire Skills Course, 48 hours is recommended.

Plant Fiber String

Plant Fiber Course

One of our most interesting and popular courses teaches a student how to go out in the wilderness and find trees and plants that contain fibers that are usable. From here, Madison teaches a student how to harvest, strip from bark and further process it. After all of these procedures, an individual can use the material to make almost anything- coolers, hats, backpacks, sandals, etc. This course has a duration of anywhere from ½ a day to 2 days, depending on how in-depth a student or group wants to go.

Traps and Snares

This course provides students with great knowledge and skill that is completely necessary in the wilderness. Other schools that teach outdoor skills do not come close to Madison’s expertise in this area. At the end of this course, a student will successfully be able to take a single knife into the wilderness with no technology, tools or equipment. The student will be able to begin developing techniques to trap and capture wild game, including rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, armadillos, coyotes, fox, fish, etc. Trapping techniques that are taught include dead-fall and snaring. Length of course is 2-3 days. (Less than 2 days is undesirable).


In this course, a student will learn how to track wild game in the field, as well as learn how to identify various types of trails. Participants will then learn to identify where animals are living, different signs of animals that provide knowledge of what they eat, where they find their food, and their shelter. The more advanced students will learn to track people and their behaviors in the wilderness including food, shelter, travel patterns, etc. It is recommended that this course have more than 2 days allocated to learning these skills, and could last up to a week if a student desires to become an expert at tracking and related skills. See above for pricing information.

Primitive Weapons Development

Living a primitive lifestyle is quite difficult to do, especially without weapons or materials to consume food. Madison offers expertise in the harvesting and construction of primitive weapons. In this category, there are 3 main weapons that Madison focuses on and teaches.

  1. Slingshot
    Sling_01 Madison typically works with 3 different types of slingshots: The “Thud”, The “Thumper”, and The “Thunder”. The “Thumper” and The “Thunder” are typically considered to be novice slingshots and are best suited for beginners, which is where most students will qualify. The “Thud” is the largest and is for the more advanced shooter. Students can learn as many or as few as they desire and become proficient in all methods in a reasonable amount of time. A time period of 2 days would give the student a significant amount of expertise.
  2. Bow and Arrow
    Bow_04 Madison has great experience with Bow and Arrows, from their production to their functionality as a weapon. Madison harvests the materials from a tree, and makes the bow just like the American Indians did years ago. The Bow skill itself is recommended as a 3-day course, but again could be less if a student wants to experiment with just a brief introduction.
  3. Hand Thrown Spears
    Spear_04 Madison specializes in crafting and using an African Style Spear, a steel pointed spear, as opposed to a North American Spear. Madison will teach a student various steps from harvesting materials to throwing techniques that maximize efficiency. It is recommended that this is a 2-day course, which could be less if a student wants just a brief introduction. See above for pricing information.

Shelter Development

This course is one of the most intricate of the courses Madison offers, but can cater to the desires of the student. Topics will address finding, making, and living in shelter for a swampy environment, as well as high altitudes. Madison will also cover how to survive in different temperatures, in winter or summer environments. This course can be condensed into a 1 day time period, and it is certain that students will leave with vast amounts of knowledge.

For situations involving Desert living, Madison can and has arranged trips to a Desert landscape that includes assistance from Tony Nestor, a friend of his. Together, the instructors will take students to Flagstaff, Arizona in order to teach in an environment that can be classified as a desert. (For information about dates, pricing and lodging accommodations, please contact Madison).

Wild Game and Hide Tanning

This course is very popular and can extend anywhere from 1 day to 3 days, depending on how in-depth the student wants to go. Madison offers a course that either begins with Hides that are already processed, or he teaches students the entire process from scratch- capturing the animal and all following steps.

Hunter Gatherer

This is a class that is unique to all schools of primitive living. Madison takes great pride in this course and is honored to be one of few, if any, programs that teaches this. Madison describes it best as living in wildlife with a primitive weapon. Unlike any course similar to this, Madison branches off and teaches the student a tribal look at harvesting wild game in the field. This course is recommended to be 2-3 days.

Bulletproof Kennel

Course Commitment

Courses can be taught individually or collectively. Most of the time, people are interested in at least 3 to 4 courses. Within a limited time frame (Friday-Sunday for example), Madison can efficiently go through an introduction of 3-5 courses.


Lodging can be included in all courses if desired; if other lodging options are preferred we can negotiate a lower price.

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