Bulletproof Kennel

Trained Catch & Coursing Dogs for the Avid Hunter

I started my kennel in 1978, I got my start at that with Bert Sorrells. I became good friends with Randy & Ron Chavez. I am still using the same blood that I started out with at that time.

My kennel name is the same as my wilderness business: Bulletproof.

My dogs are integral to my wilderness training.008

Catch & Coursing. A link to my pedigrees, and, fully documented APBT. American Pitbull Terriers. Is available. I occasionally have pups and grown dogs for sale.

To catch anything from squirrels to hogs, and anything in between, call or text me for more information on my bloodline:

(850) 482-8444

Walking a Hunting Dog

Long-Standing, Quality Pedigrees

The dogs at the Bulletproof Kennel are fully papered and are from strong, long-running bloodlines. Click the images below to check their pedigrees.