About Bulletproof Primitive Supply

Madison Parker, Instructor

Story By: Wil Beaucher

It’s not everday that you meet a person who knows how to live as primitevly as possible, none the less, someone who dedicates their life to teaching others how to do so too. After hearing about an Ex-Navy Seal named Madison Parker, who’s not only a legendary master of primitive survival skills but also teaches them to platoons of active-duty seals and special forces in the middle of nowhere, I knew we’d found the subject of Bote’s next story. Eager to meet this man and learn everything about him, the BOTE team headed down to Marianna, Florida to spend a weekend with him.

The Chipola River had just crested, overflowing her banks. Passing stilt houses in the area told us this was not uncommon. The temperature was dropping and as we pulled down the long dirt drive, we all exchanged glances and wondered aloud what the hell we were doing there. We stepped out of the van at the base camp for Bulletproof Primitive Supply Company, located on the banks of the Chipola River in Marianna not really knowing what to expect. We heard the stories, but now we were there. Is this guy going to suddenly appear out of a wall of mud, exclaiming that WE drew first blood? Nothing could be further from the truth.

“Around here, boys!” It was the man we came to meet, Madison Parker, taking care of his dogs that we will learn later, are his tribe. A gentleman in every sense, Madison quickly offered us anything we needed while we were there to let us know we were welcome.

It’s clear that Madison’s time in the military has instilled respect, not just for others, but for himself and everything around him. His personality is a combination of brash and easy going. He’s a man that’s figured out the best way to do things and has been doing them that way for many years, yet was totally willing to jump on the inflatable paddle board, and hunt around the flooded property with a hand-made sling shot. It was clearly time to immerse ourselves into Madison’s world. To learn the key to this man’s chosen lifestyle and complicated teachings about primitive survival.

Simplicity. This is paramount to everything in Madison’s mission, however, nothing he crafts or teaches is “simple”. A goal of accomplishing tasks in the same way primitive man accomplished them is, to say the least, not the easy way. But for Madison, utilizing only what can be found on his land, and using his honed ability to craft it into a tool, weapon or even another tool to make weapons, is the honest way. One based on skill and pride. The only way.

Even with Madison’s decades of experience, it’s still a lot of work, and according to Madison, that’s okay, “We were made to make, we were created to create.” This is a story about something universal, something we’re losing over time, and is not only appropriate in these chaotic times, but necessary. A story based on humanity, pride, and nature. It’s about getting back to the basics of who we are and what we’re doing here. These are things that will surely resonate with just about everyone, and is very fitting for the human brand.

Our Course Training

Madison teaches the skills that most schools in this field would teach, like fire skills, plant fiber technology, trapping, etc. however, Madison prides himself in being unique to the primitive skills market in that he designs his courses to teach students the actual technology that is used to go out and harvest wild game as a tribal effort. Unlike the traditional approach of learning skills in a classroom, Madison teaches his students to implement all of the survival skills to be completely self sufficient in a primitive lifestyle in the wilderness, with as little as a single knife. Taking these classes with Madison is on the next level; anyone can go out into the wilderness with fuel, water, and a flashlight, but only experts can live off the land with a single knife.