The Challenge: Hunt & Gather With A Weapon Made By Your Own Hands

Living off the land the same way the North American Indians did 200 years ago.

These survival courses are not for the faint of heart.

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Wilderness Survival Training

Similar to martial arts, primitive skills are a discipline; students are in it for the long run and it is not something to just be learned and stuffed away. At Primitive Supply, students will be pushed to the limit of how they can handle living only off of the land. Madison Parker, a former Navy SEAL, came up with these courses when he was on contract with the SEALS, and he now offers the chance for civilians to get the same training and experience. Based in Marianna, Florida, the survival courses teach everything from fire skills to plant fiber technology. Madison Parker states that the primary criteria is again, not that they will need it, but because it quickly becomes a passion for those who are interested in it as well as providing an individual with a growing experience. Primitive skills are not for everyone, but likely are for individuals who enjoy the outdoors, whether that be camping, hunting, and/or long-distance hiking. Check out the survival courses!

Hunting Tools and Products

Living a primitive lifestyle is quite difficult to do, especially without weapons or materials to consume food. In addition to the survival courses, Bulletproof Primitive Supply offers expertise in the harvesting and construction of primitive weapons. In this category, there are 3 main weapons that we focus on and teach, including handmade slingshots and spears.

Bulletproof Primitive Supply sells various products, all which are completely hand-made. From slingshots to hand-woven baskets, all the necessary equipment for roughing it in the wild is available for purchase. Crafting these products are topics that are covered in the survival courses that are offered. Check out our hunting tools and supplies here!